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Yr 6 Science - Testing for sugar

Testing For Sugar - Report by Robyn Slattery, Year 6


The experiment we did today was to see how much sugar was in three different substances: Coke, Apple Juice and Orange Juice.
Firstly, we had to estimate which substance contained the most sugar and which one contained the least. My group thought that Coke would have the most sugar and Orange Juice would have the least.
Then we had to start the experiment:


We added Benedict (Benedict is a chemical that shows the sugar content in liquids by turning the liquid a different colour. If the liquid has a lot of sugar in it will turn red, if it does not have very much sugar in it will turn orange and if it has barely any sugar it will turn clear blue) to each liquid inside the test tubes and stirred them and waited to see if they would change colour. Once they had reacted we then put the test tubes into boiling water baths, the heat sped up the experiment and made the reaction more intense.


We then recorded the colours of each substance on a table and measured them against our estimates. We found that our predictions were correct as Coke did have the highest sugar content and Orange Juice had the least.
Overall we had a great time conducting the experiment and learnt lots of facts about which drinks contain sugar.
I would love to do it again as I found it really interesting.

Posted: 31/03/2017 at 10:19
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