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Year 6 French Trip 2017


On the trip we climbed through the trees and swung like monkeys, we ate snails, some loved them, others not so much! We sailed on the sand, ate sweets and made them!!! Saw every type of sea life creature, had boules competitions and a quiz!! We learned Circus skills, shopped and so much more.

Out of all the things we did my favourite thing was Opelaventure (a go-ape type thing) where we climbed, swung and jumped on all sorts of equipment, ladders, ropes and wires. There were lots of zip wires and I got stuck and had to pull myself along with a rope! There were 3 sections, the first, rather long but very easy, the second, harder but shorter and the third, the shortest but the hardest. The third also had the most zip wires. We climbed through tunnels, leaped on to wooden wobbly planks, only problem was we didn’t want to get off!!!        

I really liked this adventure and I would love to do it again, we learned from this not to give up if things are hard we also learned to be independent as we had to put on our harness of the zip on our own up in the trees!!!!

Also on this trip like in Norfolk we were not allowed to contact our parents and like the Opelaventure we had to learn independence and had to fight homesickness, all in all the trip was very fun and I loved it, however not so much the snails! We saw the live snails first and then tried cooked ones in pastry, which was rather cool. We learned all about them and it was very interesting. I loved sand sailing we were told to go in partners and to go in one cart at a time, It was very hard to steer and I went very fast and got stuck in the mud!!!                   

 The food was quite nice and I loved breakfast, I liked the privacy of our rooms as there was only 2 or 3 in a dorm. I loved France and would happily go again, it was so much fun and was cool

Amelia 6CH

Here are some comments from other Year 6 girls:

‘Our first activity on Thursday was called Opal Adventure. It was very much like Go Ape but a bit higher! There were three courses to be completed. We all had a blast climbing up in the trees!  We had a short trip to the sweet factory where a man showed us how to make a lollipops! It was all very exiting! We then had a look around the factory and bought a few things’.  Lucy 6CH

‘My favourite activity was the high up, tree-top adventure, Opalaventure ( A French version of ‘Go Ape’)! On course one we swung like monkeys, on section two we balanced like flamingos and on section three we flew like birds; IT WAS AMAZING.  Sand-sailing was also really  fun! We were given a buggy and a helmet between two – one person would wear the helmet in the buggy, and the other would help them along. Catching the wind is so fun!’ Isabella 6CH

‘On the French trip my favourite activity would be the sand sailing because of the speed. It was a stunning experience to watch and to do. On the first day when we arrived we went straight Nausicaä and saw so many fish from a gigantic octopus down to the smallest nemo fish.’ Kate 6CH

Overall this trip has been an experience of a lifetime that not many people are able to do. I cannot thank everyone who organised this trip enough.  Millia 6CH


Posted: 18/05/2017 at 13:28
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