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Our Aims and Achievements

Here at KC, we aim to integrate ICT into the girls' lives from an early age and provide them with the opportunity to discover how ICT can enhance their general learning. The government stipulates how children are to be exposed to ICT and the QCA has produced a Scheme of Work which we follow.

From the age of three, the girls are already learning how to manipulate a mouse, use a keyboard and open and save a variety of software. By the time they are ready to leave us, at the end of Year 6, the girls are producing impressive PowerPoint presentations, multimedia websites and are making effective use of the Internet and email. All the girls use Interactive whiteboards.    

ICT Facilities

We have a site wide network running the very latest operating and application software. Everyone has high speed filtered internet access, their own email from Year 2 and above, and the use of a wide variety of educational and business software.

We have at least one PC in every classroom and a number of computer clusters in key curriculum areas. In addition to this, the girls have ready access to the shared Senior School facilities which include a wireless laptop suite, a multimedia lab, an Apple Mac music suite and over 150 desktop PCs within the new Susanna Wesley Library & Arts Centre. All teaching rooms have a wall mounted interactive board, including the Nursery.     

All our staff are ICT proficient and regularly participate in ICT training in order to keep their skills updated. The school is supported by a dedicated on site ICT team. The younger girls, specifically the Early Years children, have one-to-one ICT teaching which gives them great confidence.

Current Developments

The girls are now able to access their email and files from home and so they can hand in or pick up homework when applicable. They can also easily continue with school projects without having to transport their files manually.

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