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Dance, along with music and drama, is an important part of our school life and we have a reputation for excellence in performing arts. Even our Nursery pupils at age 3 have the opportunity to have ballet lessons.

Dance is taught as part of the PE curriculum. In addition we have experienced and highly qualified peripatetic dance teachers from Kickz Danceworks who offer specialist teaching in ballet, tap, modern and national dance at an additional charge. Dance is a very popular option and begins in Nursery with ballet and in Reception the girls can do ballet and/or modern dance.

In Nursery, children learn the basics of ballet with an underlying element of fun. The class is structured with a warm-up, leading on to exercises that help to develop co-ordination, musicality, rhythm, counting skills, partner work and mime. This leads to further work in Reception, which in turn leads to Year 1, where the girls have the opportunity to take their first examinations in dance. The I.S.T.D syllabus is followed. Girls work successfully towards external examinations in ballet, tap and modern dance.

Parents are invited in three time a year to see their daughters in action during dance lessons in 'Watch Dance Week'.  We also hold dance assemblies where girls have the opportunity to perform individual/group routines to the rest of the school.

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