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Learning Support


We provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils with teachers setting suitable learning challenges. However some pupils may require additional support either in or out of the classroom.

We have three Learning Support teachers who are able to provide learning support on an individual/group basis for the pupils. An individual may require learning support either throughout or at any time during their school career. Early identification is important. The Class Teacher informs the parents and Learning Support Teacher (where appropriate) at the earliest opportunity to alert them to concerns. The Class Teacher and the Learning Support teacher assess and monitor the children's progress in line with existing school practices. This is an ongoing process.

If appropriate a child may be supported with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP will show the short-term target(s) set for the child and the teaching strategies to be used. It will also indicate the planned outcomes and the date for the plan to be reviewed, generally once a term.

Regular contact between the school and home is essential to provide feedback on progress.

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