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Key Stage 1 Curriculum


Years 1 and 2: ages 5 - 7


Year 1

Year 2









Religious Education




The curriculum for Key Stage 1 is based on the National Curriculum, though we have the flexibility to incorporate a great deal more. We pay close attention to the National Literacy and Numeracy Programmes of Study . Continual assessment is made throughout each year and careful records are kept. Parents receive two written reports each year and there are two parent/teacher consultations per year. 
In Key Stage 1 the timetable becomes more structured. Though most of the school day is spent with the class teacher, the girls continue to benefit from having subject specialist teachers for ICT, drama, gymnastics, games, swimming, music and dance.

In some instances, subjects are taught through a 'cross-curricular' approach. For example, the topic 'Houses and Homes' would incorporate subjects such as history, geography, technology and science. Learning must be enjoyable and we want to instil in the girls an excitement and love of learning from an early age so that they develop into independent, enthusiastic learners.

Classroom-based learning is enhanced by opportunities to 'learn by doing' either by inviting professionals to the school to run workshops, such as well-known authors or artists, or by going on trips to places of interest, including London-based museums and galleries.

We place great emphasis on the development and use of ICT skills in all subjects and the girls have regular access to the modern network of flatscreen computers. 

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