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Class Stars


The Kent College Class Stars board is located in the entrance of the Preparatory School and celebrates pupils who have made exceptional achievements and contributions to school life.
We are very proud of all our students and hope you enjoy reading about our Stars!


Week Commencing 30.04.2018

Name Class Reason
Maisy  1B for writing her wonderful 'Deep Sea' diary
Lottie 2D       for improved focus in Maths
Matilda  3L    for interest and enthusiasm of out Ancient Egyptian topic
Ruby 4B    for a great attitude to all areas of her learning
Timi      4W    for showing resilience in Maths when learning about negative numbers
Jessica 5H    for extending her range of reading genres
Phoebe 5Y for exploring her use of vocabulary and metaphors
Bow    5Y    for a willingness to master tricky Maths
Alice       6Bi   

for her enthusiasm  in Science and for producing some interesting work on microbes

Betty    6Bi for her excellent attitude and organised approach to all aspects of school life
Piper 6Bo   for her enthusiasm and effort in Science and for going the extra mile with her homework
Rebekah 6CH       for being so enthusiastic when learning about microbes




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