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Star of the week


The Kent College Star of the Week board is located in the entrance of the Preparatory School and celebrates pupils who have made exceptional achievements throughout the week.
We are very proud of all our students and hope you enjoy reading about our weekly Stars!


Week Commencing 05.07.2017

Name Class Reason
Martha 1H for superb focus and concentration when writing her 'House Book'
Verity 2B for trying her best in her Big Write
Grace 2B    for focusing in class and trying her best
Bella 3B for exceptional effort and progress in maths throughout the year especially in division
Levina 3CL for being kind and helpful in class
All of 4C 4C for excellent behaviour on our trip to Tyland Barn
Savannah 4D for progress and consistent effort in English
 Freya 5H for excellent support to Early Years Department
 Darcie 5Y for a maturing approach to lessons
Amelia 6CH for presenting her science project with such enthusiasm
Charmaine 6L for keeping her focus in maths
Alice 6W for her cheerful personality and hard work




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