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Star of the week


The Kent College Star of the Week board is located in the entrance of the Preparatory School and celebrates pupils who have made exceptional achievements throughout the week.
We are very proud of all our students and hope you enjoy reading about our weekly Stars!







Week Commencing 12.06.2017


Name Class Reason
Georgia 1H for superb problem solving in our multilink challenge
Claudia 2B for using adjectives and using descriptive phrases in her writing
Poppy 3B for trying hard on her presentation and with her handwriting
Timi 3CL for her beautifully written postcard in English
Bow 4C for settling into KC life successfully and with such ease
Jessica 4D for her wonderfully creative ideas in poetry writing
 Maya 5H for beautifully presented and accurate work on coastlines
 Piper 5Y for her effort to learn, think and do her best
Kate 6CH for sowing such resilience in everything she does
Ainhoa 6L for her skilful use of dialogue and careful attention to tenses and word order in her Big Write
Christina 6L for her sheer determination in her Big Write and her pleasure in her success
Michaela 6W for her fabulous Big Write






































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