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Achievements and Awards


At Kent College Preparatory School celebrating individual and group achievements, no matter how big or small, is very important to us and our ethos. We have a variety of different ways of recognising excellence:

House points

Awarded to individuals for academic achievement, effort or positive behaviour, but also to Houses for the way in which they conduct themselves when coming inside from the playground. Each week the individual from each House with the most House points from the previous 7 days is celebrated in assembly and at the end of each term. The House with the most points is awarded the House Points Cup/Shield.

Celebration assemblies

At the end of each half term the Head leads a celebration assembly. In this, he awards certificates to individuals from each class who have been nominated by a member of staff for a more substantial or sustained success.

Privilege cards

These are awarded to individuals by any member of staff. The cards are awarded in recognition of acts of selflessness, kindness, excellent manners or politeness. Once a pupil has been awarded five privilege cards, they are then invited to attend the next Privilege Lunch at the Headteacher's home.


Each term, six members of Year 6 are elected by their peers to be prefects. The prefects are responsible for assisting staff in a variety of areas and are expected to be strong role models for the younger pupils.

House Captains and Deputies

At the beginning of the academic year, pupils vote for one member in their House in Year 6 to be the House Captain and two others to be the Deputies. These School Officers are then asked to help lead, motivate, organise and represent their respective Houses at all major House events. They are also responsible for helping with the weekly collection of all the House points that have been awarded to girls in Years 1-6.

Sports Captains

Prizes are also awarded for competitions throughout the year at big KC events such as Sports Day, KC’s Got Talent and House Drama.

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