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Staff List


Please click here to download the whole school staff list for the Spring Term 2017

KC Executive

Job Title Name Qualifications Email
Headmistress Ms J Lodrick BA Hons, MEd, PGCE headmistress@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Deputy Head Mr A Kirk-Burgess BSc, PGCE, MSc (Oxon) kirka@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk   
Bursar Mrs A Jenkins BA Hons,  ICAEW bursary@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk   
Head of the Prep School Mr N Pears BEd (Hons) (Cantab) pearsn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Prep School Staff List

Job Title Name Qualifications Email
Year 6 Teacher/ Maths Coordinator Mrs C Williams BEd Hons, Oxford williamscl@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 6 Form Tutor and Head of Prep PE Mrs G Hughes BSc Hons Southampton, PGCE
Year 5 Teacher and Assistant Head
(Teaching and Learning)
Mrs S Hall BSc Hons Wales, PGCE Canterbury halls@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 5 Teacher, Assistant Head
(Pastoral) and PSHE Co-ordinator. Prep school Deputy Child Protection Officer
Mrs T Youdale Cert Ed Brighton, BA Hons Manchester youdalet@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 6 Teacher and Mathematics Co-ordinator Mrs R Hunton BSc Hons, PGCE Goldsmiths, Int.Dip in Montessori Pedagogy huntonr@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk 
Year 6 Teacher and Science Co-ordinator Mrs A Crotty BEd Hons Cambridge crottya@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 4 Teacher, Key Stage 2
English Coordinator/Library. Head of Celts
Mrs J Dearlove BEd Hons Montreal, Cert Ed Canterbury dearlovej@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 3 Teacher and Geography
Co-ordinator. Head of Danes.
Mrs C Bonnett BA (Ed) Hons, London marnanec@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk

Year 3 Teacher History Coordinator      

Mrs C Corp BEd, Derbyshire corpc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 3 Teacher and Key Stage 2
Science Co-ordinator
Miss P Lamb
BA Hons Staffordshire, Cert Ed Keele



Year 4 Teacher. Early Years and KS1 Music Coordinator Mrs H Chapman BEd Brighton, London College of Music, LRAM, LTCL chapmanh@kentcollege/kent.sch.uk
Year 2 Teacher/ RE Coordinator Mrs N Brown BA Hons, Warwick brownn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Teacher KS1 and 2 and
Learning Support - Key Stage 1
Mrs L Bon BEd Hons, Brighton bonl@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 1 Teacher and Assistant Head KS1
(Teaching and Learning)
Mrs V Harte BA Hons Warwick, PGCE London hartev@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Learning Support (Cover Teacher)
- Key Stage
Mrs S Bishop BA Hons, Loughborough, PGCE Primary bishops@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Year 1 Teaching Assistant and After School Care Mrs C Spink NVQ Level 3 spinkc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Reception Class Teacher and
Early Years Coordinator
Mrs P Dabin Cert Ed London, BSc Hons OU dabinp@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Class Teacher and Key Stage 1
Science Coordinator
Mrs K Whittle BA Hons London, PGCE Primary, London


Early Years' Teaching Assistant Mrs B Davison BSc Hons, Southampton davisonb@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Early Years' Teaching Assistant Ms K Warren NVQ Level 3 warrenk@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Early Years' Teaching Assistant and
After School Care Coordinator
Mrs S Beard NVQ Level 3 beards@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Nursery Class Teacher Miss K Soutter NNEB, Dip in Montessori Teaching soutterk@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Nursery Practitioner Mrs E Graham BA Hons, Oxford Brookes, Cache Level 3 Diploma grahame@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Art Co-ordinator, Teaching Assistant/ After School Care Assistant Mrs S Giacomini-Martin BA Hons, Design, London Cache Level 3 Diploma martins@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Learning Support Teacher - Key Stage 2 Miss J Dinwiddie BA Hons, Manchester, PGCE Kingston dinwiddiej@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Teaching Assistant and Early Years/Key Stage 1 ICT Co-ordinator Mrs E Andrews City & Guilds andrewse@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Teaching Assistant Mrs J Rhoades NVQ Level 3 rhoadesj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Teaching Assistant and After School Care Mrs J Wolton NVQ Level 3 Child Care Learning and Development woltonj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
PE Teacher Miss A Jones BSc Hons, Exeter jonesa@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Swimming Teacher Mrs M Cuttill ASA Teachers Certificate cuttillm@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
French Teacher Years N-6 Mrs C Wilson BEd Hons, London wilsonc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Drama Teacher (Maternity Leave) Mrs S Lawson-Wood BA Hons, Croydon in Theatre and Design Practice, London lawsons@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Play therapist Ms L Budden National Diploma in Counselling buddenl@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Housemistress (Hawkwell & Hargreaves) Mrs S Kruschandl         PGCE Cambridge, BA Hons Lancs, PGCert Notts


Senior School Staff who teach Preparatory School pupils

Job Title Name Qualifications Email
Key Stage 2 Music Co-ordinator Mrs K Pusey GGSM, PGCE Middx puseyk@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Director of Sport Ms S Clark clarks@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
PE Teacher Mrs L J Oliver BEd Human Movement, Bedford College of HE oliverj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
PE Teacher Mr B Allberry HND, Chichester allberryb@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of PE of Senior School PE Miss N Denton BSc Hons, Loughborough QTS dentonn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
PE Teacher Miss C Sutton BA Ed Hons, Exeter suttonc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Gymnastics Mrs J Cox BG Class 4 Women's Artistic Gymnastics, BG Club Coach General
Gymnastics, BG Class Women's Gymnastics
Head of ICT Miss C Mortlock Foundation Degree of Arts, Business Management mortlockc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
ICT Miss L Maule Bsc Hons, Greenwich maulel@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
ICT Mr A Knowles BSc, MSc knowlesa@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Art Mr A Dixon BA Hons, Kingston PCGE Canterbury dixona@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
SENCO Mrs H Levett BA Hons, MA York, M.Ed OU, GDL, PGCE Leeds  levetth@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Administrative Staff


Job Title Name Qualifications Email
PA to Head of Prep School and Deputy Head Mrs D Reed reedd@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Prep School Administrator Mrs A Cyster cystera@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Prep School Receptionist Mrs J Silve silvej@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Shared Prep & Senior School Staff


Job Title Name Qualifications Email Contact
Finance Manager Mrs I Scinteie BA scinteie@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Payroll & Accounts Manager Miss V Carter MAAT carterv@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Chaplain Rev J Todd toddj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Director of External Relations Ms S Evans evanss@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Admissions Assistant Miss R Correa BA


Admissions Officer Mrs N Sneddon BEd Hons admissions@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Director of Marketing Miss E Donovan BA Hons, CIM donovane@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of External Relations Miss K Minihane BSc Hons, ILM minihanek@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Sister (Medical) Mrs J M Devine RGN devinej@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Site Manager  Mr A Beard City and Guilds bearda@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Catering Manager Mrs S Allen catering@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk

Instrumental Staff


Job Title Name Qualifications
Clarinet & Saxophone Miss H Parsons LRAM
Violin, Viola & String Ensemble Mrs A Buser BMus LTCL
Piano & Recorder Ms L Martin CTABRSM, Dp ABRSM, Cert Mus Ed (TCL)
Cello Mrs S Hitchcock DRSAM
Guitar Mr J Hazelby N Dip
Flute Ms R Osborne-Smith MA, ABRSM, Adv Cert


Mr E Waterhouse - Chairman   waterhousee@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Mrs J Stevens- Vice Chairman
Ms J Day
Mr M Haftke
Revd J Hellyer
Mr J Ingram
Mrs G Langstaff
Mrs G le Boutillier-Scott
Mr I Leroni
Mr G MacKichan
Mrs G Morgan
Mr I Pattenden
Mr D Robins
Mrs E Thomas
Mrs C Veall

 Kent College - Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors 2016-17

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