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"As E comes to the end of the School year, we just wanted to write and express our sincere thanks for all that has been done this year for E. Everyone at the School has been amazing in helping to manage Eva's condition and have always given us the feeling that they 'treat her as if she was their own'. We can think of no other statement that quite sums up how happy we are with the School. We are so pleased that we chose Kent College and E loves every day there. We have every confidence that Kent College is the best place for E to reach her full potential, whatever that means for her."


"Thank you all for your amazing support. Mrs Dabin has been in daily email contact with me and S has told me that you have been to see her Nik and her friends are all helping her too. Kent College is a truly wonderful place with such a caring and nurturing ethos. We feel blessed that she is safe in your hands and I think we now need to immerse O in that safe cocooning love and weave some nurturing magic around her too."


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