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School Uniform


Uniform – Nursery to Year 6

Uniform can be obtained from three sources; the official school outfitters our PE Kit Supplier Bob Woolmer Sales -  who supply PE and Swimming Kit and all school bags; and the on-site uniform shop which sells second-hand uniform.

Please refer to the Uniform Lists which outlines where items can be obtained:

Nursery & Reception

Years 1&2

Years 3&4

Years 5&6

Girls are expected to arrive with all items on the uniform list and ALL PROPERTY MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED.

PE Kit

The official supplier is Bob Woolmer.  Please click here to be directed to the website.

The official school outfitters are: Schoolblazer,

Postal address: The Loft, Rectory Farm Offices, Warmington, Peterborough, PE8 6UT Tel: 01892 280011

School Blazer provide an on-line ordering service for the school uniform (excluding PE kit and bags).

Bob Woolmer Sales

PE, swimming kit and all school bags are only available on-line from Bob Woolmer Sales at  Items should be ordered and paid for on-line and these will be delivered to the school on a weekly basis and distributed to the girls during their PE lessons.

On-site School Shop

The school shop, selling second hand uniform, is situated behind the Swimming Pool, in 'Oak Treee Cottage' and is open regularly one afternoon a week between 3pm and 4pm and occasionally during the holidays. Payment should be made by cheque, payable to Kent College Pembury.

Garments Accepted for Second-Hand Resale

We accept regulation Kent College Prep School uniform, provided it is clean (washed and ironed) and in good condition. KC dancewear is also accepted. Socks and swimming costumes are not accepted and we reserve the right to dispose of any item that is not of the required standard. Any items that remain unsold after two years may also be disposed of. Second hand uniform that is not of an acceptable standard will be returned with a note if this is requested, otherwise they will be taken to a recycling bin to support charity work. Nametapes should be left on each garment to ease identification of owner. We will price all items and, when sold, 75% is credited to your end of term account with the remaining 25% going to the school. Any item not named will be sold and the total amount credited to the school.

Examples of School Uniform:

Item: Sweatshirt

Description: Navy sweatshirt with embroidered logo on the front and school name on the back. Worn daily by Nursery and Reception and for sport in Years 1 to 6.

Item: Tracksuit trousers

Description: Navy tracksuit trousers worn by pupils in Nursery and Reception daily and for sport in Years 1 to 6.

Item: School blazer

Description: School blazer worn by Years 4 to 6.

Item: Navy kilt

Description: Navy kilt worn by Years 4 to 6.

Item: Sky blue school jumper

Description: V neck jumper worn by Years 1 to 6.

Item: Sky blue cardigan

Description: Cardigan worn by Years 1 - 6 in the Summer term and optional for the first half of the autumn term..

Item: Long sleeved striped blouse

Description: Striped blouse worn by Years 1 to 6.  A short sleeved version can be worn by Year 6 with the navy skirt instead of the summer dress in the Summer term.

Item: Sky polo shirt

Description: Polo shirt worn daily by Nursery and Reception.

Item: Summer dress

Description: Summer term only, Nursery and Reception up to Year 6.  Year 6 pupils can wear a short sleeved striped blouse and shirt instead of the dress.

Item: Reversible junior stormproof jacket

Description: Jacket for Nursery to Year 6.

Item: Knitted Scarf

Description: Optional for Years 1 to 6 as part of the winter uniform.

Item: Navy ankle socks

Description: Worn by Nursery and Reception daily and by Years 1 to 6 as part of the summer uniform

Item: Navy cotton rich tights

Description: Optional, worn by Years 1 to 6 as part of the winter uniform.

Item: Navy long socks

Description: Worn by Years 1 to 6 as part of the winter uniform.

Items available from Bob Woolmer Sales

Item: Leotard

Description: Black Lycra leotard worn by Reception to Year 6

Size: 24”, 26”, 28”, 30” 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”

Item: Swimsuit

Description: Blue swimsuit worn by all year groups

Size:20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 32”,34”

Item: Folio Bag

Description: Used daily by Nursery & Reception. Navy bag printed with school logo.

Size: One size

Item: Minor School Bag

Description: Used daily by Years 1 to 6. Navy bag printed with school logo.

Size: One size: 

Item: Swim Bag

Description: Used for swimming kit by all year groups. Navy drawstring bag with school logo.

Size: One size:

Item: Havasak PE Kit Bag

Description: Used for PE Kit for Nursery, Reception and Years 1&2. Navy with school logo.

Size: One size

Item: Swim cap

Description: Worn by all year groups. White hat with KC printed on.

Size: One size

Item: Baseball Cap

Description: Worn by all year groups in the summer when outdoors. Pale blue hat with KC printed on

Size: One size

Item: Woolly Cap

Description: Worn by all year groups in the autumn and spring terms. Navy blue with logo embroidered on.

Size: One size

Item: Sports socks

Description: Sky and navy blue sports socks worn by Years 3 to 6

Size: Small, medium and Large


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