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Communication with parents



The Prep School produces a Newsletter every week during term time.


Our website is full of useful information such as the weekly menu and events calendar, which are regularly updated. School news and the weekly Newsletter are also posted on the website.   

Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations take place twice a year, in the autumn and spring terms for pupils in EYFS and Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, (autumn, spring and summer for Year 5). Parents are welcome to arrange individual meetings with members of staff, if and when the need arises. Similarly the class teacher or the Head of Preparatory School will arrange meetings, as appropriate throughout the year.  


A beginning of year report is sent home in the first part of the autumn term to parents of girls in Years 1 to 6.

Grade sheets for English, mathematics and science are sent home in Key Stage 2 after half term in the autumn and spring terms. All parents receive a full report on all subjects at the end of the summer term.


We have a busy Parents' Association which organises a wide range of events and social occasions – some to raise money for the school and other worthy causes, others just to have fun. Past events have included barbecues, summer balls, quiz nights, firework displays, Christmas fairs, summer fairs, Easter egg hunts and discos. 


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