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Boarding Update

This weekend was an exeat so the boarding community calmed as most of the girls went home. The junior boarders who stayed chose recipes, made a shopping list, went to the supermarket and then baked cakes.

Some of our boarders went to Wing Yip, a Chinese market. Continuing our celebrations of Chinese new year, the boarders ate a Chinese meal on Saturday evening.  We relish celebrating the different cultures of the girls in the boarding house. Living in a multi-cultured community is educational and fosters a sense of global citizenship and an increased sense of social responsibility. Miss Hudson is working with the junior boarders to create a display of our home countries.

As ever our week was packed full of activities, which are offered by the day school and the additional boarding events. Our horse riders were please to go riding on Tuesday. The junior boarders are enjoying playing hockey this season. This week we are looking forward to watching Ghetto . We have two groups going to the show, on Tuesday and Thursday night.

On Friday we will be welcoming external girls from Year 6 for a taster night, followed by the Welcome Morning on Saturday. Two of our weekly boarders, Flo and Yasmin, remember this well from last year. They are both now part of our boarding family and are loving being weekly boarders.
Posted: 30/01/2017 at 10:36
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