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Fees for the Academic Year 2016-17


Fee Type Day Pupil Weekly/Full Boarder
Registration Fee, UK and European Union Students         
£100 £100
Registration Fee, Non- European Union Students
(If applicants' parents are resident citizens outside of the EU)
£150 £150
Deposit £250 £500 (or one term's fees for overseas boarders)

Termly School Fees

Termly School Fees

(Per Term)


(Per Term)




(maximum - see Nursery fees on Nursery Grant Page)



Reception £2,943 £3,046
Years 1 & 2 £3,630 £3,757
Year 3 -6 £4,390 £4,587
Boarding (Year 4 and above) £8,000 £8,280





Overnight fee for day girl (includes supper and breakfast) £48.00 per night (incl. supper and breakfast)
Longer stays by arrangement with Housemistress and the Bursary.
Contact 01892 820220 for further information


£50.00 per night (incl. supper and breakfast)
Longer stays by arrangement with Housemistress and the Bursary.
Contact 01892 820220 for further information



Daily Charges


After School Care All Years Monday - Friday

(Per Day) Fees


(Per Day) Fees


Until 5.30pm Free of charge (includes refreshments for Yr 2 and below) Free of charge (includes refreshments for Yr 2 and below)
Until 6.30pm £15.50 (includes refreshments and supper) £16.00 (includes refreshments and supper)
Until 7.30pm £25.50 (includes refreshments and supper) £30.00 (includes refreshments and supper)
After 7.30pm flexi boarding by prior arrangement Year 4 and above £48.00 (includes supper and breakfast) subject to availability £50.00 (includes refreshments and supper) subject to availability
Breakfast Club

(Per Day) Fees


(Per Day) Fees


From 7.30am £6.00 (includes breakfast) £6.50 (includes breakfast)
From 8.00am Free of charge (supervision but no breakfast) Free of charge (supervision but no breakfast)


Supplementary Tuition Fees



Charge per term

2016-2017 & 2017-2018

Charge per lesson 

2016-2017 & 2017-2018

Instrumental/ vocal (10 x 30 minute lessons) Individual £215.55 £21.55
Instrumental - Recorder (10 x 30 minute lessons) Shared £143.70 £14.35
Speech/ Drama Training (10 x 30/40 minute group lessons) Group £86.20 £8.62
AEN Support (Key Stage 2)









  * Payable in advance. Other extra subjects as published from time to time. 

Important notes about Nursery Fees

  • Attendance is flexible and parents can build up the number of lunches and afternoons by agreement with the class teacher.
  • You will receive an invoice for the initial number of sessions you have committed to and this will be payable in advance by the first day of term.
  • The fees for the initial commitment are non-refundable in case of absence.
  • Additional sessions and lunches will be charged in arrears.
  • Additional sessions, once arranged, are payable even when absent.
  • Kent College is a provider of the Early Years Free Entitlement.  For further information about Kent College's pattern of delivery, please click here.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £100 is payable on submission of a registration form. Please enclose a cheque with the registration form and make it payable to "Kent College Pembury”


  • A deposit is payable on acceptance of a firm place. A deposit of £250 is payable for day girls
  • A deposit of £500 is payable for boarders whose parents are normally resident within the European Union and /or are daughters of British Forces Personnel or British Civil Servants working abroad
  • For non-European Union boarders who do not fall within the above category, a deposit of one term’s fees is required. This is payable in full when you return the Entrance Form to confirm acceptance of the place. The larger deposit for non-European Union students is required to cover differences in currency exchange, the higher incidental expenses incurred by overseas pupils, and extras.
  • At the end of the pupil’s education at Kent College, the total deposit will be credited against the final invoice and the balance, if any, will be refunded. If a place is not taken up the deposit will be forfeited

School Fees

  • Fees listed are per term
  • Fees for day girls include tuition and lunches
  • Fees for boarders include board (all meals) and tuition. All laundry charges except dry cleaning are included
  • Fees do not cover items such as uniform, trips, some clubs and activities and exam fees.


  • Discount rates for composition fees are reviewed termly, please contact the Bursary for more information.
  • For daughters of Methodist families, funding may be available via the Methodist Bursary Scheme.
  • Where two or more sisters are attending the school at the same time, there is 5% reduction on each girl’s fees.
  • For daughters of certain M.O.D service personnel there is a 20% reduction of fees.
  • The School is a provider of the Free Early Years Entitlement.  Click here for further details.

Payment of School Fees

  • Fees are invoiced termly and are due for payment in full by the first day of each term. An interest charge (currently 1.5% per month, calculated daily) will be added to
    overdue accounts. Several payment methods are available:

    By Direct Debit: Deducted on the first day of each term. Fees may be paid termly or monthly by direct debit. This can be set up by completing the agreement form and mandate available from the Bursary. This service is not available to parents who do not have a UK bank account. Fees (including extras) may also as a concession, be paid in four monthly instalments, commencing on approximately 5th September for the Autumn term, 5th January for the Spring term and 5th May for the Summer term.  This instalment arrangement is concessionary and subject to certain conditions which are available from the Bursary, together with the Direct Debit mandate.  This service is only available to parents who have a UK bank account.
  • By Cheque: The detachable bank giro credit form at the foot of the invoice should be completed and returned with your cheque directly to the Kent College Bursary.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘Kent College Pembury’.
  • By Electronic Bank Transfer: Payments should be directed to HSBC Bank plc, sort code 40-02-06, account number 90010103, clearly quoting your name and reference. Payment by PC Banking over the Internet should be made in the same way.
  • By Credit Card: Payments by Visa and Mastercard are acceptable. The full amount due must be paid by the first day of term. An administration charge (currently 2%) will be made for credit card payments
  • Composition Fee Scheme: Fees for all or part of your daughter’s schooling can be paid in advance. Details of discounts are available from the Bursary.

Fees for Supplementary Tuition

  • Those marked with * are payable in advance. A double charge will appear on the first term’s invoice and no charge will be made on the final term’s invoice.
  • If a girl wishes to stop taking any optional subject, one term’s notice must be given in writing to the Headmistress or Bursary or fee in lieu of notice will be charged.

Assistance with fees

  • Kent College is a non-profit making organisation and the whole of the school fees are used to balance expenditure. It is not, therefore, in a position to assist parents financially except by a small reduction of the fees as mentioned previously (see ‘Discounts’ section). For further information on assistance with fees, please click here
  • There are a number of companies who provide guidance in planning for the long term financing of school fees. ISCis (Independent Schools Council Information Service) is one such company. They can be contacted on telephone 0207 798 1500 or at: ISCis, 35-37 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0BS.

Alteration to Fees

Fees are reviewed annually and adjustments are normally made in September. The school will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of increases in fees to parents/guardians.

Notice of Withdrawal

A full term’s notice in writing is required if you wish to withdraw your daughter/ward from Kent College without penalty. Otherwise a full term’s fees in lieu of notice are payable. This condition is strictly enforced.


Fees refund scheme

In the event of absence through sickness, accident or quarantine, fees cannot be reimbursed by the Governors. However, the school has made arrangements for the girls to be included in the Marsh School Fees Refund Scheme whereby fees are recovered from insurers for days lost due to absence of more than 5 days.

Fees Refund Scheme
Fees Refund Document

References from Previous Schools

In addition to academic and character references that may be required from previous schools, we reserve the right to ask parents or guardians to provide a written reference from the previous school to confirm that there are no outstanding unpaid fees, and to withdraw any offer of a place at Kent College if any fees at a previous school remain unpaid.


Please note there are changes to the insurance that Kent College arranges which are effective from September 2016.  Please click here for further information or contact the Bursary on 01892 820220.

We advise parents to carefully consider the following insurance that the school has arranged which provides cover when sickness or accident cause an absence from school. All pupils are included in the following two schemes unless parents inform the Bursary in writing that they do not wish to participate.

Personal Accident Scheme: A termly fee of £6.50 is payable in advance. A copy of the policy is available from the Bursary.

School Fees Insurance: The premium is 1% of actual school fees. This is payable in advance. A copy of the policy is available from the Bursary.

The following schemes can also be arranged by the school:

Private Medical Insurance: The current fee is £70.00 per term. Parents should inform the Bursary in writing if you would like the school to arrange cover for their daughter(s).

Personal Property: The school does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the property of any pupil. Insurance cover for personal property can be provided by Aon Risk Services and can be arranged through the school brokers. Please contact the Bursary for details.

Travel Insurance

This is arranged by the school with cover as follows:

  • any pupil who undertakes a journey authorised by the school
  • for journeys of less than one day’s duration cover shall be operative from the time of leaving the school boundaries until arrival back within the school boundaries
  • for journeys of more than one day’s duration cover commences from the time of departure from the Insured Person’s home at the start of the journey until arrival back at the Insured Person’s home upon completion of the journey. Details of this cover are available upon request from the Bursary, in case parents wish to arrange for additional cover.

Bursary Contact Details

Bursar: Mrs Angela Jenkins

Email: bursary@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk

Telephone: +44(0)1892 820220


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