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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main entry points to the school?

The main intakes in Nursery and Reception are in the Autumn Terms. In Years 1-6 intakes are generally at the beginning of the academic year in September. Girls may also start at the beginning of the Spring and Summer term or mid-term. Kent College will offer places in the Nursery class to girls and boys aged 2 and a half who can join in the term of their third birthday depending on availability. For further information please click here. 

Will my child have to sit an entrance test?

There are no entrance tests for Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2. However, from Years 3-6 places are offered on the basis of the performance in English and Mathematics tests sat during a "Taster Day".

What is a Taster Day?

A Taster Day involves a prospective pupil spending a day with their "class" and following their timetable. It is our intention to make it an enjoyable experience.

Are there regular Open Mornings or should parents make individual appointments to visit the school?

There are four whole school Open Mornings and one specific Early Years Open Morning throughout the academic year which parents are very welcome to attend. During term time parents are also warmly invited to make an appointment with our Admissions department for an individual tour of the school and to meet the Head.

If my child joins school in the Nursery Class, will they be expected to attend full-time?

The number of sessions your son or daughter initially attends is decided in consultation with the Nursery Teacher. This can be as many as ten sessions per week (each half day being a session) or as few as three. The main consideration is your child's readiness and ability to cope with the number of sessions.

Should my child have attended a nursery or playgroup before joining Kent College Nursery?

This is not a requirement, however many of our pupils have attended a nursery prior to joining us.

How will we welcome you and your child into the KC community?

For new pupils and their families joining the school, we offer a comprehensive programme of events ensuring that there are various ways for us to get to know you and your child and to welcome them into the school community.  

  • Taster Days in Years 1-6 are offered throughout the academic year and your daughter will be allocated a KC girl who will guide and support her during the day. 
  • Academic Assessment Weeks are held for prospective pupils joining Years 1-6 during the school year.

Once you have decided that KC is the school for your child, we will do all that we can to ensure a smooth start to their KC journey.  This will include:

  • Visiting your child's current school to get to know them in a familiar environment.
  • Inviting children to join the Nursery class to attend familiarisation story time sessions in the summer term.
  • Welcoming parents to a New Parents' Tea which is held at the start of the academic year.

Our aim is that by the time your daughter or son starts Kent College they will be familiar with the school and feel at ease in their new environment. For further information about any of these events please contact Admissions on (0)1892 820218.

What extra-curricular provision is on offer for my child?

We offer a variety of activities both during and after school. After school activities take place between 4.00pm-5.00pm and these are mainly on offer to girls in Years 3-6. Some activities are chargeable for example Dance and Trampolining. For further information please click here. 

What extras do I have to pay for over and above the termly school fees?

We offer a variety of activities both during and after school. Some of these are chargeable extras. For further information please click here. 

Can Preparatory School children take advantage of the bus service supplied by Kent College?

Yes, the minibus service can be used by pupils in Year 1 and above. There are a number of bus routes operated by the school.  For further information please click here

What after school care provision is there?

Free After school care is available from 3.30pm-5.30pm for all pupils.  A charging system is introduced from 5.30pm - 7.30pm. Homework club for girls in Years 3-6 is part of the fee package and takes place from 4-5pm.

Are pupils taught by specialist teachers?

Girls and boys from our nursery class upwards are taught by specialist teachers. These include ballet, music, drama, swimming, ICT and French. In Years 5 and 6, girls are taught by senior school specialists in ICT and Science. PE is taught by specialist staff who teach from 3-18 throughout both Prep and Senior School.

Can I pay my fees by direct debit?

Fees can be paid termly or monthly by direct debit. This can be arranged with the Bursary but is only available to parents with a UK bank account. For further information please click here. 

From where can we purchase uniform?

Uniform is available from our on-line uniform shop 'School blazer' and for PE equipment from Bob Woolmer Sales.For further information please click here. 

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