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TAG: Early years update
Strange goings on .
Added: 09.05.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Strange goings on in Reception class today with chickens and cows, moo!
Added: 08.05.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
In their music lesson today the girls started learning a new song. By the end of the lesson it was sounding really good!
A hunting we will go . . .
Added: 03.05.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We grabbed our bug pots and waterproof trousers and headed down to the orchard in search of mini-beasts.
Mini beasts.
Added: 03.05.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Early Years had a fantastic time collecting mini beasts in their jars and looking at them up close.
Carpet time
Added: 02.05.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
After a busy day doing some incredible artwork with pastels and ink, the Early Years girls took a welcome break on the carpet.
Crazy weather!
Added: 26.04.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
In today's Forest Fun the girls were on the lookout for minibeasts. They experienced sunshine, showers and hail whilst they were out.
Beautiful butterflies.
Added: 25.04.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We enjoyed creating beautiful butterfly prints in ‘Open House’ today
Added: 24.04.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Reception got into the swing of this term's topic by making some lovely colourful caterpillars.
Spring is certainly on its way........
Added: 21.04.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We admired and smelt the bluebells today when we went for a walk in the woods.
It's good to be back!
Added: 20.04.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
What a happy, sunny day we have had back at school.
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